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 Safety Protocol 

We urge everyone to stay at home, yet we believe that we all need to keep moving; Thus, we have developed a set of safety procedures to keep both our clients and our knights safe, healthy, and productive.

Our safety procedures starts in verifying COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate for all our knights, while you will be asked to provide the knight with an evidence through Tawakalna that you are immune against COVID-19.

All knights are requested to wear face masks, and we have a full mystery shopping program to confirm that masks are being worn. On the other hand, the driver has the right to ask you to wear your face mask or face shield as we are applying the policy of “No Ride without Safety Procedures”.

Until this pandemic reaches an end, you will be asked to use the rear-seat, open windows for ventilation, and you can ask the knight to sanitize the rear-seat for you before starting the ride.

If a driver shows up without a mask on, the rider can cancel the trip without penalty, still, report such a case through FARES customer service, as drivers who keeps on violating safety procedures will be directly banned.

We as well follow the Saudi Ministry of Health recommended procedures and measures regarding public and ride-hailing transportation during the pandemic.

On the other hand, all cars are running under a full insurance, and are being randomly checked periodically to ensure your safety, during the ride; nonetheless, we encourage our clients to report any violation to the traffic laws and regulations including, but limited to; over-limit speeding, wrong parking, traffic lights violation, … etc.

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