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Fares Arabia

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FARES... Go beyond!

FARES is a Saudi Arabian transportation platform (a set of applications) that employs cutting-edge technology and is primarily designed to provide customers with comfort, safety, and satisfaction, as well as, creating full-time and part-time jobs within the country.

FARES offers a set of various services, each with its own distinct features, ranging from simple to elegant, luxury, along with extra comfort family rides.

FARES is based on a social-responsible business model whereby it's being operated based on profit sharing models, whereby company share is reduced and capped to reflect the real cost of FARES services; thus, all reflected savings are shared between FARES's passengers and knights (drivers).

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FARES... The Ultimate Experience

Prime App with Local Touch!

At FARES, we use cutting-edge technology in our application while sweetening it with local flavor to satisfy your needs.

We commit to always upgrading our services while maintaining our inherited knights' characteristics. 


With FARES you can experience and enjoy the generosity of the Arab Knights. We adhere to serving you with passion.
FARES Knights will be available 24/7 to provide you with a different experiences.

Safe and Secured!

We care about you and your health; FARES vehicles are being sanitized between rides.All of our knights are COVID-19 vaccinated & protected with face masks. 
We keep up with the most recent data security technology. You can rest assured that you and your data are in safe hands.

At Your Service! 

Whether it's morning or night, even on holidays, our knights (FURSAN) are available 24/7 to serve you with passion.

We love to listen to your feedback, so we can better serve you with pleasure.

Fares offers plenty of promotions, so don't be surprised by getting many FREE RIDES.

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Various Rides for Your Convenience!


The perfect choice for your daily rides, with FARES | ECO you will enjoy comfortable, affordable, and pleasant rides. All our trips are priced competitively, where you can save on each trip and GO Further.

FARES | Premier

Ride differently with top-notch vehicles, equipped with luxurious seats and many other features.

FARES Premier drivers are rated over 4.75/5, and completed at least  100 trips, so you can rest assured with the “Premier Knight”.

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FARES | Family

Never ride alone with FARES | FAMILY, we provide you with SUV vehicles that is coupled with an extra luggage area and extra comfort room.

FARES | FAMILY is your perfect choice for long-distance and city-to-city trips.

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Enjoy FARES | Knights Features!
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